Membership Benefits

Protection: The NCVMA office monitors legislation daily to ensure that veterinary issues are appropriately addressed and represented. They strive to position NC veterinarians as the experts on animal health and welfare issues, as well as work to protect the scope of veterinary practice.

Your membership enables the NCVMA to actively represent, advance and protect your professional interests  at the Capitol. Notable examples include: In 2007, the NCVMA introduced a bill that provided immunity from liability to veterinarians who reported suspected animal abuse. In 2015, the NCVMA successfully lobbied to have veterinary services (the only health care profession listed) removed from legislation taxing professional services. In 2017, the NCVMA successfully lobbied the legislature to have onerous, infeasible mandates removed from the STOP ACT and from subsequent reporting requirements. NO OTHER VETERINARY ORGANIZATION IN NC ADVOCATES FOR THE VETERINARIAN AND VETERINARY MEDICINE IN THE LEGISLATURE. The NCVMA is the first line of defense for the profession at the state level.

Education: 2024 NCVMA Summer Conference, July 12-14 at The Hotel Ballast, Wilmington, NC (16 ce hours). 2024 NC Veterinary Conference, November 1-3 at Raleigh Convention Center (20 ce hours). On alternate years, there is the Practice Management Seminar and the Mini Destination Education Seminar, both featuring nationally recognized speakers. All programs feature top quality continuing education at discounted rates for members. The NCVMA also offers the required 2 hours of opioid education via an on demand webinar. Registration is open to all licensed veterinary professionals, but NCVMA members take the webinar for FREE. In October, the NCVMA sponsors and staffs a popular booth at the NC State Fair to educate the public via discussion, handouts and displays. Additionally, each of the NCVMA's 11 districts has FREE continuing education/dinner programs and social events throughout the year, exclusively for NCVMA members.

BONUS! Recent graduates out of school for three years or less who are also NCVMA members are eligible for a special, substantially reduced registration rate to the NCVMA Summer Conference and to NCVC.

All registration discounts to the Summer Conference and to NCVC more than pay for your annual membership dues.

Innovation: By updating the information provided on our website, the NCVMA is changing how our information is presented and delivered. News Items are sent at least monthly, continuing education is delivered via various outlets, public relations spans all popular social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to share information regarding animal welfare and veterinary medicine, and we have a mobile app exclusively for members to help them more easily access these features. Additionally, the NCVMA has a nationally award-winning College Sports PR campaign that is featured at four major universities in NC to heighten the profile of veterinary medicine. We are the ONLY VMA in the country employing this unique approach! Check out an exciting part of the campaign, our video shown on the jumbotron (you'll need sound) NCVMA College Sports PR Video

Communication: There has been a marked increase in the amount of pertinent communications coming from the NCVMA office. Communications ranging from the ASF virus to National Animal Identification System (NAIS) to legislative issues that veterinarians need to be aware of are shared immediately. During natural disasters, NCVMA members are exclusively provided regular updated weather information from the NC Department of Agriculture's Disaster Preparedness Task Force in order to help themselves/their clients better prepare. We are available to our members via e-mail, our website, and our mobile app. The quarterly newsletter has been re-designed and includes more information relevant to veterinary medicine. On our website, find out about job openings around the state, disease outbreaks, resources addressing veterinary debt, wellness, opioid drug reporting, OSHA, links to national organizations and state agencies, finding a relief vet in your area...and more!

Philanthropy: The NCVMA and Friends of the NCVMA Foundation, Inc., the philanthropic arm of the NCVMA,  support local rescue organizations through District Grants; animal shelters statewide through animal welfare grants; students at NCSU-CVM (NCVMA has endowed two scholarships); and veterinary technician students at technical colleges through awards and scholarships! High Five grants - five grants of $5000/each, $25,000/annually - are awarded each year to qualifying groups in NC who are engaged in animal welfare and public education. Members who own a hospital impacted by a disaster are eligible to apply for a Disaster Relief grant to help offset deductible costs. Members who encounter a client who is financially unable to cover emergency services for their pet may apply for a Helping Hands grant once a year to offset half of the expenses, up to $500.

Membership Could Be Free! Practice owners participating with Total Merchant Services are eligible to have the dues of up to three DVMs reimbursed by Total Merchant Services.



Promoting Integrity and Excellence in Veterinary Medicine.

$195/ YR.

 A graduate of a veterinary college accredited by the AVMA, or be a veterinarian who has successfully completed the requirements of the AVMA Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates.

$100/ YR.

A veterinarian who becomes disengaged from employment in the field of veterinary medicine (unemployed) or resides and practices out-of-state for at least six consecutive months of an annual membership period.

$95/ YR.

A veterinarian who graduated from a veterinary college accredited by the AVMA or has successfully completed the requirements of the AVMA Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates within the last three years.

2024 GRADUATE (complimentary) -- You, as a current year graduate of a veterinary college, will receive a complimentary membership for the remainder of the year.

LIFE MEMBER (complimentary) -- You must have (a) maintained continuous membership in good standing in the ASSOCIATION for a total of 40 years, or (b) have retired and reached the age of 65 years and have been members in good standing in the ASSOCIATION for a total of 25 years or more, or (c) have retired and reached the age of 65 years and have been members in good standing in the ASSOCIATION for a total of 15 years or more preceded by active membership in another state veterinary medical association for such a period of time that the memberships tenure shall total 25 years or more, or d) have retired due to illness or other factors and have been members in good standing for a total of 25 years or more. Designation as a Life Member shall be upon the recommendation and approval of the Board of Directors. Life Members shall have all the rights and privileges of Active Members except the right to hold office. They shall be exempt from the payment of dues.