Veterinary Services in NC During COVID-19: Essential v Non-Essential

Veterinary Services in NC During COVID-19 

Those of you seeking guidance on what veterinary services are considered “essential” under Gov. Cooper’s stay at home order (in effect through April 30, 2020) may now refer to 3/31/20 FAQ from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board, the entity regulating veterinary medicine in NC. Re: services, it stated:
Essential Services: Veterinarians are reminded that under the recommended COVID-19 “shelter in place” protocols, visits should be limited only to those patients requiring frequent follow-up care, and sick or emergency patients. It is up to the DVM in charge of the case to determine if treatment and services are essential for that animal. Non-essential visits (those that can be reasonably postponed given the health of the patient) and elective procedures should be delayed.
Boarding: This service is generally considered as non-essential. However, if a health provider needs their pet boarded/day care to allow for them to work it would be considered essential.
Grooming: This service is considered as non-essential. This is consistent with the closure of barbers, hair salons, etc. across the State.
The FAQ also provides guidance on rabies vaccines and patient records.
Click the link to access the full memo:  NCVMB Memo March 31

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